5 Must-Have Additions To Your Traveller Backpack Checklist

Visiting new cities is always exhilarating, and you’ll want to make the most of the experience. Unfortunately, adventures can turn into disasters – whether that be an A&E incident, getting totally lost, or having your stuff pinched.

We’ve put together five essential items to keep in your backpack, so that you’ll enjoy your travels worry-free.

Store your smartphone

Got lost? Use GPS. Discovered a mosquito bite? Ask Google how to treat it. Not carrying any cash? That’s what mobile contactless is for.

If you’ve got a travel issue, you’ll need your smartphone. Whether you use voice assistants like Siri, type in questions on Google, or use apps, a smartphone can help in any sticky situation.

Being connected means your phone is your best mate. You don’t even need to worry about it running out of charge, providing you…

Carry your chargers

Constant use of any device can drain its battery right down. All of a sudden, the thing that was guiding you through travel-related issues has died on you, leaving you hung out to dry. They’ll need to be plugged in, but with your navigator out of juice, you may struggle to find places with sockets!

By carrying chargers in your backpack, your smartphone will be given a boost when those ‘battery low’ warnings pop up.

The Powertrip has an integrated USB charging port, which’ll bring your phone back to life. In fact, it can do this up to four times over.

Capture with your camera

Snapping high-quality photos to show off scenic views on Instagram, or documenting your travels via YouTube videos? A camera should be top of your checklist.

Make the most of your explorations, as well as create memories to look back at in years to come – pack enough SD cards and lenses to get the right shot.

Like with all other devices, our smart backpack’s charging port will sort the low camera battery bother, so you don’t miss out on capturing any great moments.

Drink to dodge dehydration

Whether you’re backpacking abroad or even in one of the UK’s rare heatwaves, it’s easy to get dehydrated if you don’t have any fluids on you.

Although most shops will have water available to purchase, it’s best to bring your own bottle for greater freedom and to allow you to refill for free when you can.

The Powertrip comes with a leak-proof 500ml bottle, ensuring no water spillages ruin your pricey devices and so you can keep connected and hydrated simultaneously.

Tune out with ear pods

Ear pods will come in handy when you need to make a call, listen to music on public transport, or simply block out noise on your travels.

With the ability to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, they’ll sit comfortably in your ears whilst you travel around with any tech safely in your Powertrip.

Our smart backpack also has specific compartments for devices, and hidden exterior pockets for accessories. This helps protect your tech from theft, a concern that the Powertrip combats in numerous ways.

You’ll have control over any potentially disastrous situations with these items packed into your Powertrip. To find out more about the functionality of the world’s smartest backpack, take a look at our shop. Got questions? Write to us using our contact form and we’ll get back to you.