Festival Hacks To Help You Party Smart This Summer

With summer fast approaching, festival season will soon be upon us again. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, it pays to be prepared when heading for the fields. Getting lost, having things stolen, or paying a visit to the medical tent are probably amongst the festival horror stories you’ve heard – and you don’t want one of your own.

So, before you get packing,  we’ve put together a few festival hacks to help you party smart… 

Stay connected

It’s incredibly easy to lose your friends, tent, or just get completely lost at a festival. You can decide on a designated meeting place to ensure everyone has a way to find each other, but even this could end up being difficult to locate – especially in the dark. 

Apps like the ‘Find My Friends’ iPhone feature allow you to meet up with your mates via GPS, ideal when your phone signal is too weak for Whatsapp. However, apps may prove useless if your device runs out of battery. Unless, of course, you have a smart backpack.

The Powertrip’s integrated USB charging port powers your devices on the go, with the 10000 mAh portable power bank energising it up to four times over. Plus, if you and your friends are wearing the bag in a crowd, our GPS tracking device means you can track each other down from up to 35 metres away.

Top tip: Always stick to the same position in the crowd at a main stage – such as the front left. That way, everyone has a rough idea of where to head towards.

Stay safe

Mud, booze, heat and moving traffic can quickly make a positive festival experience take a turn for the worse. So before the festival, find out where you’ll need to go if you and your friends end up in an emergency situation. It’s also worth downloading the official British Red Cross first aid app – you can never be too careful.

It’s important to keep your belongings safe too. Expensive technology can attract thieves, so pick a backpack that hides your belongings well. Powertrip’s rear-loading design and slash-proof exterior deter opportunists. And if your smart backpack is stolen, the GPS tracking device and app will make it easy to track down.

Top tip: Connect your phone to your Powertrip GPS and turn on the anti-lost feature. Then, if your bag does go missing, you’ll get an alert as soon as it goes out of range.

Stay hydrated

In the midst of all the festival action, staying hydrated can end up slipping the mind. When you’re dancing around all day in soaring temperatures, you need plenty of fluids. Apps like Waterlogged, WaterMinder and Daily Water can help you keep track of your consumption, as well as send you reminder notifications.

All these apps will rely on your devices, but packing a water bottle risks a leak damaging your tech. Thankfully, the Powertrip includes an insulated leak-proof 500ml bottle, meaning you can stay hydrated without worrying about your phone or camera.

Top tip: Fill your Powertrip bottle with icy water or your favourite cold drink – it will stay cool and refreshing for up to 24 hours.

When festival season calls, Powertrip’s got your back. Use these festival hacks to stay connected, safe and hydrated this summer. To find out more about the world’s smartest backpack, take a look at our shop. If you have any questions, simply send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you.