Get Outdoors This Summer With These Hiking Tips

The first-time hiker’s adventure should be an exciting experience full of fun. But you’ll have heard the stories – from mates sitting on a rock wondering where on earth they are, to suffering from dehydration and left without any way to connect with someone to get help.

That doesn’t have to be your experience though. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure your summer trip in the countryside is a memorable one – and for the right reasons.

Know your trail

With so much land and intersecting routes, it can be easy to make a wrong turn. The simplest way to evade this is to navigate yourself using the GPS on your smartphone.

If you go along with mates, it may be that you somehow end up separated. This is where GPS comes in handy again, with the Powertrip’s tracker add-on allowing you to locate each other from up to 35 metres away.

Top tip: On your arrival, locate somewhere that’s easily visible so that it can be the meeting point if anyone gets lost.

Stay connected

The internet’s everywhere – even in vast locations where you’d think signal is minimal. So, if you’ve encountered any hiking problems (such as an insect bite), they’re easily solved by your smartphone.

But for the net to be able to give you the answers, the battery on your device can’t be dead. You’ll need to power it up – but, unsurprisingly, there’s not any sockets out in the fields. However, the smart backpack has an integrated USB charging port, pumping it three to four times over. 

Top tip: When there’s no reason to use your smartphone, stick it on flight mode. Your battery will last for longer and reduce the chances of hitting the max number of charges.

Pack the essentials

By taking the essentials, you’ll avoid any disasters. A crucial item this summer is a water bottle – even in cooler weathers, moving your body constantly can cause you to heat up and feel dehydrated. But you may be tempted to not bring it due to fear of a spill damaging your tech.

The Powertrip smart backpack comes with a 500ml leak-proof water bottle so a seepage won’t be an issue. Other essentials are extra food, first-aid supplies, and some sort of camera to snap your memories. All these can easily fit into the lightweight Powertrip, with dedicated compartments for any tech you take.

Top tip: Keep track of the weather – even in the summer there can be overcast days, and this’ll mean there may be no point packing sun cream and shades.

The Powertrip has you covered from all potential hiking-related problems, so you’ll be in control as you trek the outdoors. To find out more about the smart backpack, take a look at our shop, or simply send a message using our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.