The Inspiration Behind Powertrip

When something new comes along, we often wonder about its origin story.

What was the inspiration behind Powertrip, the world’s smartest backpack? Where did the idea come from? And why is it important for rucksacks to “get smart” like so many other devices around us?

We checked in with our founder Nick Costello to get some answers… 

The power struggle 

Like so many other workers in the modern world – especially freelancers who are always on the move – my backpack was essentially my office. I’d take it to meetings. Carry it on commutes. Heave it halfway around the world. It was the only way to take work on the road with me. 

I could count on being out of the house almost every day, so getting all my work done at home simply wasn’t an option – something I’m sure many others can relate to. My backpack let me take my laptop with me wherever I went – be it business or pleasure – but I was permanently on the lookout for a power point.

Frequent use meant my laptop battery was permanently drained, and my commutes quickly turned into permanent searches to track down sockets. I felt lost when my only way to work on the go shut down, and hopping between coffee shops looking for a place to plug in wasn’t much fun. I couldn’t help but think – I wish I had a charging point with me wherever I went…

The panic check

I know I’m not alone in having done the “panic check” with my bag; that moment where you think it’s disappeared and you desperately look around you at twice the speed. More often than not, your rucksack is right where you left it, but there’s nothing more sickening than realising someone has taken it – especially if your whole life is inside.

Long commutes also meant I used to doze on trains, which increased the risk of my bag being pinched from right under my nose, or gave an opportunist thief free licence to lift out valuables and walk away.

I was always worried about these kinds of scenarios, and this gave me another idea: What if your bag was impossible to break into? And what if you could trace it if it ever vanished? 

The solution

Ultimately, I was driven to come up with a blueprint for a bag that gave the modern commuter everything they could need beside storage space: a means to stay charged and a complete sense of security.

The Powertrip smart backpack incorporates ample power charging with much-needed safety features. Alongside a battery pack and USB port is slash-proof material and hidden zippers that offer maximum protection from pickpockets, and a GPS tracking device can pinpoint your rucksack if it disappears.

Do my problems sound familiar? Check out our shop for more information about Powertrip’s unique features, and feel free to get in touch at any time to learn more about the world’s smartest backpack.