The Secret To Protecting Your Tech From Theft

We all have the same concern when it comes to our tech: theft. Urban travel only intensifies this worry. The overwhelming crowds mean it’s easier for thieves to put their hands on your precious devices. 

But how are you supposed to combat this? Just never go out again, and keep your phone, laptop and tablet inside instead? You may as well go back to the days of desktop PCs and dial-up if that’s the only solution…

Thankfully, we have a much better one: the Powertrip backpack, designed to be the ultimate anti-theft bag with four key features:

Loads from the rear

Powertrip’s main compartment loads from the rear – the bit that touches your back. This makes it near impossible for someone to nab your devices whilst the bag is attached to you. Pick-pocketers’ one skill is being sneaky, and this will prove useless with our smart backpack.

Hides your accessories

While it’s sensible to choose a rear-loading design, taking your bag entirely off your back when you want to grab small essentials can become frustrating, especially if they’re prone to falling to the bottom. That’s why Powertrip has hidden exterior pockets. These will shield your items from the eyes of thieves and make it easier for you to grab that much-needed accessory.

Slashes the risk of damage

For additional protection, we want to guarantee that no one can cut a hole in your smart backpackand dip their hands in to reach your tech. We constructed Powertrip with a slash-proof Nylon exterior, so your devices will be safe and sound from any whatever tricks thieves have up their sleeves.

Keeps your backpack on the grid

What better way to protect your tech, than using tech? This anti-theft bag can link to a GPS tracker, so it doesn’t need to be stuck to you like glue. Sync to your phone and you’ll receive an alert via the app if the backpack goes out of range. It also allows you to track its location from up to 35 metres.

We’ve covered off every concern when building our smart backpack so that you can take control. No more trying to use those non-existent eyes in the back of your head – you can now explore the city without worrying about your tech. To find out more about the world’s smartest backpack, take a look at our shop. If you have any questions, simply send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you.