What To Look For In A Travel Carry-On

Preparing to take a carry-on can feel far too time-consuming when you’ve already got enough travel prep to do. Just the thought of finding a bag that’ll hold everything you’ll need, whilst being the right measurements, is enough to cause a headache.

Rather than not bringing one along altogether, we’ve provided a smart backpack that’ll solve all your carry-on woes. Here’s how:


The average weight limit for carry-on luggage varies between airlines, so it’s best to check yours before flight day. Whichever company you are travelling with, carry-ons always need to be fairly light, so the bag you pick can’t be too heavy to begin with.

You’ll also not want your bag to be a burden as you transport it around. Walking through airports, new locations and waiting in queues can be straining on your back. Even if you need to take a large number of belongings, minimise the overall weight with a bag that’s lightweight itself. At only 750g, our smart backpack can’t drag you down. 

Appropriate size

Similar to the weight limit, the size of a carry-on will differ depending on the airline. This can prove frustrating if you’re journeying via multiple airlines, with multiple requirements, to reach your final destination.

Rather than researching heaps of airlines and bags, you can use the Powertrip no matter who you’re flying with. It’s within the allocated size for carry-ons, and it even has a powerbank for your devices that’ll pass through security without bother – allowing you to charge up your batteries before you land.

Sufficient space

Rather than get dehydrated or purchase overpriced airline beverages, our smart backpack can come with a leak-proof 500ml bottle, so you can refill it at the free water points at airports and your bag won’t be seeped into.

This has the additional advantage of not damaging your devices, which you can easily take on board with you. The Powertrip has designated spaces for tech, meaning you can snap photos and get quickly connected without wasting time searching through your bag.

Theft protection

As many like to take their tech and cameras with them in their carry-ons, it’s caused an increase in people thieving from fellow passengers who’ve stored them in the overhead luggage compartments.

Our smart backpack dramatically reduces this risk of theft. You can effortlessly keep an eye on your bag by connecting the Powertrip with a GPS tracker that pinpoints it from up to 35 metres away. Thieves won’t be going the distance with your bag.

Search no further: the world’s smartest backpack is the perfect carry-on. Powertrip minimises the time spent at check-in, giving you back control. Its functionality extends even further – take a look at our shop to discover more. If you’ve any questions, write to us using our contact form and we’ll get back to you.