About Us

The word “smart” is often bandied around. We’ve already got smartphones, smart watches, and smart TVs, and by using this clever little word as a prefix, retailers encourage us to associate their product with the latest trends in tech. The problem is, “smart” is used so regularly it’s lost all meaning.

Many backpacks parading as “smart” products are anything but. In many instances, they’re just ordinary bags with tech-friendly pockets. This is what spurred us to produce a backpack that went much further than its predecessors. The features of this bag are not an afterthought: they are as integral to the design as the fabric.

So, what makes Powertrip the world’s smartest backpack?

 1. It’s got tech running through it from top to bottom

Taking tech out on the road is fraught with problems – the main issue being the eternal search for a socket to charge electronics. What’s more, carrying drinks alongside these machines poses an additional head-scratcher, as there’s always the chance spilled liquid could damage your device.

With Powertrip, an integrated USB charging port lets you power up devices on the go, with a 10000 mah portable power bank pumping your phone full of juice 3-4 times over. Carrying tech shouldn’t mean you should have to go thirsty, either, which is why every Powertrip rucksack comes with an insulated leak-proof 500ml bottle that keeps coffee piping hot and water ice cold.=

2. It’s effortlessly adaptable

Like a proper smart device, the Powertrip backpack is built for convenience, offering access to innovative, easy-to-use features. The best smart products nowadays are also highly adaptable – performing at full capacity in all kinds of conditions.

The main compartment is specially designed for organising electronic devices like laptops (15.6”) and tablets (10”). There’s also dedicated pockets to store your smartphone, wire chargers and anything else you might want to take on the road.

Powertrip protects your tech, no matter the environment. Beautiful black waterproof nylon and YKK zippers lock out wet weather, while anti-shock technology minimises the impact of bumps, knocks and vibrations.

3. It's made for travel

Heading out for the day? At just 750g, this lightweight bag won't drag you down. Looking for hand luggage? Powertrip is within the allocated size for carry-ons, with an airline friendly powerbank and luggage straps to make your journey from A to B easier.

4. It’s safe and secure

Travelling comes with its fair share of risks. Opportunists prey on backpack bearers by dipping into pockets to pinch valuables, whilst leaving your bag behind somewhere by mistake can feel like the end of the world.

With Powertrip, these problems become a thing of the past. The rear-loading design means thieves can’t access the bag while it’s on your back; a slash-proof exterior offers further protection. What’s more, the GPS device lets you locate your bag from up to 35 metres, so it can always find a way home.

Check out our shop for a full list of features and discover what makes Powertrip the world’s smartest backpack. If you have any questions, simply send a message using our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.